Awards and Acknowledgements



Prim. dr. sc. med. Dušanka Mandić, maiden name Dokić, was born in Belgrade on July 18th 1944. Her parents were Sava and Milena (maiden name Krstić). She completed primary and secondary education in Belgrade.
She started studies at Belgrade Medical School in 1963/64 and graduated in October 1969. After mandatory medical trainee practice, she worked from 1970 to 1978 in Bosanska Gradiska, where she founded a department for Occupational health.  From 1978 to 1988 she works at the Institute for Occupational health and radiological protection '' Dr Dragomir Karajović'' KCS , Belgrade, then from 1988 to 1999 at the Federal Institute for health protection and improvement, Belgrade, where she was a Head of Department for Epidemiology, Hygiene, Environmental & Occupational Health Protection, World Health Organization's Occupational Health Focal Point for Yugoslavia.
She completed occupational health specialization  at the Belgrade Medical School in 1974, and she got her PhD title in 1990, also at the Belgrade Medical school. Her thesis title was: Study on possibilities for improvement of organization and activities in occupational medicine at the regional level.
In 2000, she established her own specialized small medical practice MADU, where she still works.
She completed studies at School of Traditional Medicine & Acupuncture at University of Peace, United Nations in 1992 (all three levels) and
was then there engaged as a visiting professor. She has been also a visiting professor at the International anti-stress centre (IASC) since 1998.
She was involved, as a member and as a coordinator, in several projects, and since 1989 she has been engaged on the scientific project, at Yugoslavian level, concerning investigation of electro-magnetic/ magnetic fields with anomalies.  Since 1992 she works on useful and therapeutic effects of magnetic field and registers two patent applications thereon. She translated, together with her co-workers,  the book "Magnetic fields - guidelines for health and protection" in 1995 (YU ISSN 0354-5199, ISBN 86-7036-007-1).
Since 1992 she is engaged in humanitarian work, first within the Yugoslav Red Cross Board for Humanitarian Aid, and then at various clinics in Belgrade and Republic of Srpska (15 locations), using paramagnetic magnets to cure wounded and successfully move and evacuate ferrous foreign bodies out of the organisms, both in persons suffering war injuries and also peacetime injuries (injuries at work, in sport, in households, traffic and also iatrogenic, i.e. during medical interventions etc.).
During her work with injured persons, she formulated her first patent: Curved flexible magnetic strip for noninvasive displacement of ferrous foreign bodies out of human organism, Patent application no. P-566/95; Certificate on medical device No. 3/3-08-613/00, and since 1996 she got many local and foreign awards and medals.
She expands her research in the field of magnetism and its local and general impact to environment with observations on extended treatment possibilities thru use of permanent magnetic field, and her second patent is the result thereof: Unipolar surface magnetized elastic magnetic strip, Patent application No P - 214/98, 48907 dated 27. 12. 1999, PCT/ YU 98/00018/2000.
She is a member of the Society for Minimally Invasive Therapy, London .
She is a member and vice-president of the Russian Academy for Social and Ecological Care of Victims in Accidents, since 1999.
For her two inventions, from 1996 to 2992, she got 28 awards and medals, here and worldwide. A documentary film “Miracle magnets” was made on her work in 1999, in Los Angeles, USA.  
So far, she has published 133 papers here and worldwide, whereof 44 papers related to electromagnetism and magnetism and biomagnetic therapeutic effects. 
She has a remarkable success  especially in treatments of bone and joint disorders in humans and animals with a high degree of regeneration possibilities, particularly new regeneration of cartilage with 67,31% of success.  

She is awarded:

Gold medal for humanity "JU-Eureka", 1996, Belgrade;
Silver medal for prototype of the trap  "JU-Eureka", 1996, Belgrade;
Gold medal with mention "Eureka", Brussels, 1996.
 East-West Euro Intellect Gold Medal, Brussels, 1996
 Woman Inventor of the Year, Brussels, 1996 
 Gold Coin with image of Nikola Tesla, INOST 97, Banja Luka, May 1997
 Diploma with the gold medal "Jupin" - Novi Sad Fair, Novi Sad, September 1997
 Special award and gold coin with the image of Nikola Tesla - "Tesla Fest", Novi Sad, October 1997;
First Award of the Council of the Association of Trade Unions of Serbia for the most successful solution in the field of ecology, Belgrade.- November 1997
Gold Key - Collective Award for 7 exhibitors - Barbican Centre, London, December 1997;
International Person of the Year 1997/98 for the Service to Humanity, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, April 1998;
Woman of the year 1998, ABI, The Research Board of Advisors, USA, 1998
Gold Medal at the International Fair of Inventions - "Archimedes '98", Cyprus, Nicosia, June 17-18, 1998;  
 Gold Medal, East - West Euro Intellect, Bulgaria, September 1998;
 ABI Medal of Honor, 2000 Millennium, USA, October 1998;
 Gold Medal with mention, Brussels Eureka '98, 1998
 Special Award of SOJUZPATENT, Brussels Eureka '98, 1998
 Tantae Molis Erat, Merite de L'Invention, Le Present Diplome OFFICIER, croix No. 1423, Brussels 1998.
 Gold Medal with Special Mention of the Jury, Global Health Manila 1998.
 Gold Medal at the International Fair of Inventions and Innovations - "Archimedes '99", Moscow, Russia 1999.
Member and Vise President of Russian Academy for Social and Ecological Care of Victims in Accidents, from 1999.
Gold Medal "Archimed 2000" Moscow, Russia 2000.
 Zahvalnica Udruženja ratnih vojnih invalida Srbije za pomoć u lečenju članova 23. 02. 2001.
 Plaketa sa likom Nikole Tesle, za izuzetna ostvarenja na podsticanju i afirmaciji pronalazaštva, za primenu inovacija i za poseban doprinos u razvoju i unapređenju organizacije Saveza pronalazača Beograda, 26. 04. 2001.
 Diploma Ministarstva odbrane Ruske Federacije "Archimed 2001."
 Zlatna medalja i diploma V međunarodnog salona intelektualne svojine za lečenje magnetima Rusija, Moskva, 27. 03. - 31. 03. 2002.
 Genius medalja i diploma za elastičnu magnetnu traku za usmereno magnetsko lečenje, Međunarodni salon pronalazaštva Mađarska, Budimpešta, 06. 04. 2002.
 Licenca Lekarske komore Srbije br.2096 od 2002.g
 Zlatna plaketa Tesla -Pupin,Savez pronalazača Jugoslavije,Beograd 12.10.2002.g.
 Mali INOST 2003. Sajam ideja i inovacija mladih , Diploma; Banja Luka 30. 05.2003.
 40 Medjunarodni jesenji sajam , diploma sa zlatnom medaljom i pohvala , Novi Sad- 25.09. 2003.